Promoting a sustainable blue economy is an expensive endeavor and thus, demands huge investment. To be successful, Bangladesh will also need to identify the bankable projects with clear outcomes. However, to meet the demand for development financing, Bangladesh should espouse a solid approach to mobilize funds through developing fixed-income securities or sustainable bonds, for instance, blue bonds. Blue bond can be an innovative as well as a sustainable instrument to finance the investment in the ocean and marine-related projects that will eventually inspire inclusive development in Bangladesh. Nevertheless, there is a lack of consciousness and expertise on the blue bond since it is comparatively a new concept. To explore the full potential of the blue economy in the country and assess the feasibility of blue bonds as a sustainable financing solution, knowledge products, and more discussion will be necessitated to sensitize the relevant stakeholders on these issues. In this case, I hope that this report will help us to understand the blue economy and its prospect, bond market, suitability of bond financing, and the likelihood of releasing a blue bond in Bangladesh along with mapping the pathway of releasing such a bond.